Activities in my free time

I live in Northern California and enjoy the scenic outdoors with hiking, biking and running as much as I can. Being kind of a data nerd I like to track my activities on Runkeeper and recently Strava.

I also love to travel. My goal is to explore at least a couple of countries every year.

In 2013 I decided to learn photography. The pictures I take are an attempt to capture the natural beauty around me and to have collection of memories from my travel. You can find a select few pictures on my 500px page.

I believe that learning is a life long process and feel the happiest when I am learning something new. The recent revolution in education with the advent of Massively Open Online Courses has fascinated me! I try to learn new topics by enrolling in classes offered on Coursera. After all, a little bit of slope makes up for a lot of y-intercept.

You can find my book recommendations at my goodreads page.

I love history and I love podcasts so I'm a big fan of The History Of Rome podcast. This amazingly in-depth yet interesting podcast actually makes me look forward to my otherwise dull commute!